About Asttarte Deva

AboutI AM A Transformational Life Coach (for your Relationships, Intimacy, Sex life or any area important to you),
Intuitive Healer, Emotional Energy Therapist, a Holistic Healer, a Massage Practitioner, a Goddess, a Priestess, a New Age Practitioner, a Wellness Practitioner, a Reiki Master Energy Healer, a Yoga Teacher, and Acupressurist, someone to talk to, receive Counsel, Guidance, Support, Nurturing & Healing.

My Sessions are about getting in touch with your present concerns, issues, behaviors, body mechanics and energy that are keeping you from experiencing the life you desire; that of which have to deal with your love life, your sex life, your career, your family relationships and the relationship to yourself.

I am here to support you in what it is that’s important to you!

Please call and leave me a message. If I don’t get back to you immediately, I will call you on my next available day.

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