(To be filled out before any Workshop, your first Session or Group Coaching)

1).Do you believe you are a Goddess and if so why? If not, why not?

(If necessary, include history with men, your father, intimate relationships, your support system of other women, how you feel other women see you, your relationship with yourself, and/or your relationship with your mother/grandmother).

2). When was the first time you discovered you are a Goddess, or wanted to be? (location, place, scenery/imagery, who was there, what was said/done to inspire you).

3). Are you presently being treated as a Goddess by a partner, your friends, parents, or yourself? What is missing if you feel you are not? How could this improve?

4). Do you feel you could improve your personal power, confidence and self esteem (in your work, home, or with your partner)?

5). Do you stand up for yourself in the appropriate moments or do you let things pass you by? (Give examples)

6). Do you honor your personal space and boundaries, or do you let people walk all over you?

7). Where do you feel is your strength? Relationship with self, parents, lover, friends, acquaintances, children, strangers or being alone?

8). What is your self love practice, and what are you not doing you wish you were?

9). Who are your female role models, and how do they inspire you?

10). Who is your female support system, and what do they offer you? (If you don’t have a female support system and you would like to, who is the ideal type of woman/women you would like to have in your life?)

11). What is your current sexual healing practice? (single and self love, married and great, married and very little intimacy, dating with lots or little intimacy, etc).

12). What are your current goals? (letting go of a relationship, healing a relationship, sexual power, hormonal balance, peace with yourself, etc.)

Thank you for answering these questions. Anything you don’t want to answer is ok. We will have a further conversation over the phone or in person!

Blessings and Namaste~

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