The Many Vaginas of One Female Body

The Many Vaginas of One Female Body Now, I know you are thinking about a woman’s vagina as soon as I speak this word, however, her actual physical vagina is not what I am speaking about. The Many Vaginas of One Female Body of a woman is an entire vessel…

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Teaching Your Man to Heal You

Teaching Your Man to Heal You When something has come up for you to heal, and you’re in a serious relationship with a man that you love, it is super beneficial to take the opportunity to be able to provide Healing for each other, given that both people are willing…

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Women Sex and the Heart

Women, Sex and the Heart It’s been a long time since I’ve written in here, on this blog, Healing Sacred Woman. I want to share a profound breakthrough, life altering experience I’ve gone through since March of this year, 2017 about Women Sex and the Heart.  I went to a…

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Men who Overpower

Men Who Overpower Why do some men think they have to get one up over women? If they feel the woman is not sexually aroused by them, they automatically assume she’s shut down, or turned off, when perhaps she just might not be turned on by him! Perhaps they take…

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Birth Trauma Healing

Birth Trauma Healing I had an amazing healing session yesterday, and it was so eye opening I thought I would share it with you. The process was a process of discovery. I had no idea what would show up, but the result was enlightening, empowering and transformational. I discovered later…

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Detoxing the Pain Inside Us

Detoxing the Pain Inside Us Yesterday was my first day of actually choosing to receive a Healing Treatment specifically designed in healing a rape. I went back to my old therapist with the stand “I am now ready! I do not want this impacting my life any longer.” Because in…

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