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Giving Birth Trauma Healing

In may seem odd to some that what happens to a womans body after the birth of her baby and her body has completed healing, that even years later the structural changes, and internal tissues having expanded and contracted would need healing and hold memory.
However, all women who undergo the birth of a child, through her vaginal canal, hold energy, memories, pain trauma, and locked frequencies in all her bones and tissues, possibly scar tissues inside and outside surrounding her sacred opening that cause her to have all sorts of emotional changes from the birth. Her body changes go from being physically tight, needing to change how she engages in intimacy, change how she makes love, body positions may be painful where they were pleasurable once before, as well as emotionally uptight, shut off emotionally, or harder to get close to emotionally, a wall of protection around her, and almost sort of a rigid demeanor, until at last they have a man they are deeply close to, preferably the husband of her child, or a new husband, who can stand as her guardian, her healer, her lover, and her best friend.
Many women think that the only healing they need after the birth of the child is the physical symptoms, sometimes a month to three month process. However, the emotional healing that is needed often is hidden and suppressed and shows up later on in their relationship. Many times these emotional changes put a big toll on both partners, and when each partner does not address their own feelings in a healthy way and truly process and release them, the damages to the relationship become severe.
I have done Birth Trauma Healing before, as I have written about it in this blog, however, the recent Birth Trauma work, was much more intense than anything ever before. It takes two willing partners to go through this process; knowing it is opening up a big can of worms, and perhaps a journey that will be quite challenging, but later so worth it!!!
Giving Birth Trauma Healing is pretty advanced healing work. The person giving the healing needs to be physically strong and capable of holding pressure for extended periods of time. He or she needs to be grounded in their heart, detached from how you will respond to the pressure, and still able to hold space, presence and love while you as the woman may be screaming, kicking, or crying out the old pain.
Have you ever had a healing session specifically for removing armoring inside and around your yoni (a woman’s sacred center)? There have been people who have taught me training in trauma healing for women, but NONE like what I just experienced. The miracle was that I could handle it, and the other miracle is I now have the most amazing man ever to do it with me. Perhaps one day, I will let him be a facilitator to give healing sessions for other women too, but not until he’s done working on me first. Sorry ladies, you’ll just have to wait! I’m putting him through the works with training to become a Healer, and he’s just not quite ready to put himself out there, and I’m not ready for him to either, so for now, he’s mine, and I’ll just acknowledge the s**t out of him and how amazing he is.
The first few sessions, or perhaps several years worth of sessions needs to be on the outer layer of a woman, her belly, her heart, her lower belly, reiki, her thighs, outside and inner, and later the outside of her sacred center. Eventually, her body will open to letting someone give her acupressure on the inside bone along the surface, and then eventually acupressure on the inside walls inside her vaginal opening. Eventually the acupressure on the inside walls, and deep pockets and corners inside will become open to do deep muscle work and acupressure. (This is totally separate and distinct from G-Spot Massage ladies. Sorry, that’s another article for another time).
Once she has screamed out the pain of the scar tissue in all these areas, the deep knots on all these inside points, then she will be open to going even deeper to heal her scar tissue, and even bigger knots inside. Eventually, as I have, she’ll be open to her mans whole hand entering her and slowly, with breath, patience, and still slow movement, her inside will expand and the trapped cellular memory inside will start to release as she screams, cries or just simply does deep breathing for her Beloved to go deeper still. The is the process of healing from giving birth, and its almost as if she has to re-experience the birth, the opening she had before, in order for her to heal the trapped energies and emotions that got stuck there from her birthing experience in the first place.
What I recognized immediately after the recent deep session was obviously pain. A woman will need to take baths with Epson talk, use arnica, Ice and Heating pads. She basically just went through a second birth. However, a few days later what I noticed was deeper emotions around trust, and safety about my body surfacing. Then about a week after the session, I become more open to my Beloved than I ever had, and I ever remember being open to anyone before, except perhaps before ANY trauma in high school. It made me feel like a kid again, able to love my body again, fall in love with myself again, and it opened up a desire to lay naked with my hunny, be held naked by him, truly safe with him, confident in my sexuality in a way I hadn’t felt ever before, and deeply more in love than I ever had!
However, what I also noticed is that he perhaps became geeked out by the whole thing, not as turned on as he was before, and in his own process. However, if you love him and he loves you, that will soon and surely turn around, and the love will be deeper than you ever imagine! I feel it coming, and I am patiently waiting for whats to happen next!
Thank you God for the birth of my child, and him now growing to becoming a young man, and even more, thank you God for my dearly Beloved for walking into my life, and giving me the Healing of my lifetime, and the love of my entire life! I love you so Paul!


Love and Namaste,


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