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Goddess Sessions for Your Personal Development


We often have to start at one step to move to another.
Permanent satisfaction is maintained by having a consistent disciplined Yoga Practice,  and if you want true and lasting results, you have to take it one step at a time and be committed to your own growth.

Sessions are about healing your life and healing yourself. They are powerful, and much more of an experience for you to take on tools to learn over the long haul. You are welcome to choose when is the right time for you to take on additional sessions.

I am here to help people start on a journey of connection to their higher self, their spiritual source, and aligning the basic concepts of energy with a powerful access to their deep inner truths; that being a connection to tantra at its deepest level.

I take people on a spiritual journey so they can learn why they are dealing with their present circumstances, helping them to deal with those circumstances, and learning tools to feel full body pleasure alone and truly fall in love with yourself again!


Session Intention

Before every session it is important to take the time to create an intention for your session.
Your intention can be an intention for what it is you want to make changes in your personal life, your self, or for the session you will be receiving. It is very important to have an intention for every session. It is like a mini prayer where you make a short statement of an affirmation stating powerfully what it is you want.

Intentions create the session and they allow me the permission to give to you my best skills in accomplishing your goals to support you and allow me to be divinely guided by spirit. Making an intention is a very powerful statement to the universe of asking for what it is you want or need. Words create power and with your spoken word miracles can happen, beauty can be created and your prayer is a statement to make manifest in the universe.

May you always create an intention before anything you do and may you always receive your true hearts desires!


Requirements for a Session
Are you on the path of healing yourself?
Are you willing to surrender your needs and wants to the practitioner?
Are you willing and able to be respectful and kind?
Do you want to grow, learn and heal what is keeping you stuck?
Do you have a good head on your shoulders?
Are you balanced in mind and heart?
Do you have a desire to connect to your spiritual power?

My hope for all is that we all open our hearts and help each other along the way.

For those who have had no prior experience in Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, or other forms of Connecting with the Divine, please ask me and we’ll create a Session that fits perfectly for you.

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