Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment CoachingWhat is it that women need to feel empowered, to be empowered, and to carry themselves in the light; to carry themselves with a sword by their side and a shield of armor in their arms?

For women to be empowered, to stand tall, to KNOW with conviction what they deserve, to accept only that which fulfills them and fills their hearts with love, to be the utmost Goddess and beauty she is capable of…

She shall NOT stand alone, and she may have to stand alone!

She may have to WALK away from those who harm her!

She may have to SPEAK of her justice, her voice, her truth!

She may need to ask for support, to be embraced in the arms of those who truly care, and held in comfort until she is strong enough to stand alone!

She may always have to overcome something inside of her.

She may become the Leader to those who follow the path she has traveled!

She May Become a WARRIOR!

She will NOT stop at anything!

She will gain the courage she needs to keep jumping over the next rock!

She will celebrate in her glory, in her success, and she will rise again!


How Sexual Empowerment Coaching Can Help You:

Feel supported from having been victimized, raped or traumatized, or just being a sensitive “normal” woman!

Learn that you are special and your sexual needs or boundaries are extremely important

Stand up for yourself and take charge of your life

Get complete from those in your past! Forgive others, and forgive yourself!

Learn the power of NO and yes, in your quest for feeling the love you deserve!

Take your life back and open your heart to a deep fulfilling love life!

Learn to listen to your sexual feelings to pull back from sex or honor when you need to be nurtured!

Learn to ask for gentleness when you need it. Even a hugging embrace or cuddle session can empower you and fill you with sexual energy!

Gain resources and tools to empower you in your journey.

Be empowered to have the sex life YOU deserve.

Open yourself up to the full self that you are!

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