Your Man as Your Healer

Your Man as Your Healer Can he handle the role? Does he have the knowledge, training and ability to support you in your process? This is the greatest reward in any relationship where your man (or your woman) can support you in your process. It takes a very brave, powerful,…

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Teaching Your Man to Heal You

Teaching Your Man to Heal You When something has come up for you to heal, and you’re in a serious relationship with a man that you love, it is super beneficial to take the opportunity to be able to provide Healing for each other, given that both people are willing…

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Men who Overpower

Men Who Overpower Why do some men think they have to get one up over women? If they feel the woman is not sexually aroused by them, they automatically assume she’s shut down, or turned off, when perhaps she just might not be turned on by him! Perhaps they take…

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