Role Reversal

Do you ever find yourself upon waking feeling more aroused and ready to make love than your husband? Especially after he has spent countless hours giving healing to you, and you’re feeling great, but now he’s going through his own process. It’s amazing how loving and giving my Beloved is,…

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In Preparation for the Moon (a females cycle)

In Preparation for the Moon (a females cycle) In Preparation for the Moon: This past weekends training in Basic Sensuality was a phenomenal program, and there were SO many things I would love to share about this course, however, today I want to start with the Woman, and who she is…

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Women Survivors

Women Survivors As a woman who’s a survivor, sometimes things happen in our lives that re-trigger old wounds and bring things back up. Many times we think we are over something that happened in our past, but when something to another seems subtle, and to the survivor it brings back…

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