Women’s Empowerment Coaching

Women’s Empowerment Coaching Do you know that you are important?Do you know that your feelings REALLY do matter?Do you know that you CAN have the life you desire?Do you know how important you are?Do you want to take your power back for your life?Do you have what’s important to you?Do…

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When He Keeps Rejecting You

When He Keeps Rejecting You When your husband, significant lover, or boyfriend keeps rejecting you, after countless years and months of being together it is heart-breaking. I mentioned a while back this topic in an article called, “When You Want Your Husband and Someone else Shows Up”, this was relating…

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Giving Birth Trauma Healing – Adult Content

Giving Birth Trauma Healing In may seem odd to some that what happens to a womans body after the birth of her baby and her body has completed healing, that even years later the structural changes, and internal tissues having expanded and contracted would need healing and hold memory. However,…

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Your Man as Your Healer

Your Man as Your Healer Can he handle the role? Does he have the knowledge, training and ability to support you in your process? This is the greatest reward in any relationship where your man (or your woman) can support you in your process. It takes a very brave, powerful,…

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Women Survivors

Women Survivors As a woman who’s a survivor, sometimes things happen in our lives that re-trigger old wounds and bring things back up. Many times we think we are over something that happened in our past, but when something to another seems subtle, and to the survivor it brings back…

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Boundaries Guide to Intimacy

Boundaries guide to intimacy, and they truly do guide one to that most vulnerable place inside us. Boundaries show up often as a guide to let us know what feels safe, how comfortable we are, to show us where our limits are, and what will be supportive to allow us…

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