Teaching Your Man to Heal You

Teaching Your Man To Heal You

Teaching Your Man to Heal You
When something has come up for you to heal, and you’re in a serious relationship with a man that you love, it is super beneficial to take the opportunity to be able to provide Healing for each other, given that both people are willing to be coach able. When it’s you as a woman that needs the healing, Teaching Your Man to Heal You, then your man needs to be secure enough in himself to provide the healing to you. He needs to be willing to take the feedback, requests of moving positions, suggestions of shifting the energy, and not push you beyond your limits. When you’ve reached your maximum capacity of the energy he is working with, especially when it comes to sexual energy and sexual arousal, he has to understand that you may be healing from old wounds or traumas, and not to take it personally.
Often, when you are feeling vulnerable, and your guard is down, old wounds can get resurfaced, and his willingness to be loving, supportive and understanding is the one thing that will help build your trust in him. And hence, your willingness to be close to him, and continue Healing in your process with him. Otherwise, it may shut you down from him, put up a wall between the two of you, and have you need to go to someone else to heal you instead of him. And when you are married, and love each other, or are very close, the best reward is in loving each other and providing the love each other needs. And when someone makes a mistake, don’t make too much meaning out of it. Forgive each other, take the feedback, and try again.

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